LioresalLioresal and Baclofen are both anti spastic agents and both have muscle relaxant properties. Both drugs have the same chemical make up with one simply being the brand name and the other being the generic name. You are likely to be prescribed one of these two drugs if you are suffering from any of the many symptoms that are caused by conditions such as multiple sclerosis which can include spasm, pain, and stiffness.

We have chosen to put this review of both Lioresal and Baclofen together as there are many people who are prescribed one of these two drugs each day and there may be many questions that you have in regards to how to use the drug, where to buy them from and also the possible side effects of taking either Lioresal and Baclofen.

Please do have a look through this review as if you do have any questions regarding either drug you are likely to find the answers to those questions somewhere below.

How to Purchase Lioresal and Baclofen

Once you have been prescribed by your Doctor or medical expert either Lioresal or Baclofen you are then faced with the decision of where to purchase your supply of these drugs from. As many people do not have access to free prescriptions that allow them to receive medication at no cost then it is often the case that by shopping around you are going to find some places can and will supply these two drugs more cheaply than at other sites.

Both land based and online drug stockists can supply both Lioresal and Baclofen, and if you have been given a prescription for a long supply of these drugs then by buying those drugs in bulk from an online suppliers website you will often find the largest savings can be made, and often free delivery will be included when purchasing Lioresal and Baclofen from such a site.

Always do a little research just to be 100% sure that the site you are buying from is an approved supplier and stockist of Lioresal and Baclofen as you do run the risk of purchasing fake copies of these two drugs when you purchase them from an unapproved or unlicensed website.

Side Effects of Lioresal and Baclofen

Lioresal and Baclofen are the exact same drugs and as such when taking either of them you may experience a range of identical side effects, with this in mind please take a look at the overview of some of the common and not so common side effects that may be experienced when taking these two drugs.

These side effects can include seizure, confusion, hallucinations, an uneven heartbeat, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, feeling tired or drowsy, headache, sleep problems, nausea, constipation and also urinating more often than usual.

When you are dispensed your supply of either Lioresal or Baclofen included in the box will be some literature regarding how to take these drugs, also listed on that literature will be all of the known and documented side effects.

If at any time you experience some of the more severe side effects then you should always seek medical attention and if visiting a Hospital or Doctors Surgery make sure you take your medication with you as that will enable the medical professionals to be aware of the drugs you have taken and the dose and how to treat the side effects that you appear to be suffering from quickly and safely.

Lioresal and Baclofen Questions and Answers

As we expect that there are going to be numerous questions that you may have regarding both Lioresal and Baclofen, then to help you find the answers to those questions as quickly and as easily as possible, below is our usual frequently asked questions section of our drug and medication reviews.

If you have any questions regarding using or taking either of these two drugs then you may find the answers to those questions below. However, if you have any more specific questions regarding the use of Lioresal and Baclofen then you are best advised to ask your Doctor or a local Pharmacist who should be able to answer those questions for you.

If your questions are regarding your dosage or any side effects that you may be experiencing after having taken either Lioresal or Baclofen then you may need to seek a medical opinion urgently if those side effects are serious and as such do visiting the A&E or Emergency Room of your local hospital taking with you your supply of either Lioresal or Baclofen as by taking your supply the medical staff will be able to make take the correct action in regards to treating any side effects

  1. Will Lioresal give me insomnia?

    One of the side effects that you may experience when taking Lioresal is insomnia, if you do experience this sleep disorder then it may be best for you to have a chat with the Doctor who prescribed it to you so as to allow him to talk you through any additional medications that you may be able to take to help you sleep more soundly at night.

  2. Does Lioresal have a use by date?

    It is very important when you have received a supply of Lioresal that you ensure that you use it within its expiry date, there is, much like any other drug a use by date for this drug and this will be found printed on the packaging the drug was supplied in. Always safely dispose of all out of date drugs giving them to a Pharmacist if you wish to be 100% sure that they will be disposed of safely.

  3. How much does Baclofen Cost?

    You will find that there are several factors that will ultimately determine just how much you have to pay for a supply of Baclofen this includes the amount an strength of the drugs prescribed and where you choose to purchase this drug from. Large savings can often be made by buying in bulk or from online websites which have been licensed and approved to sell this drug online, so always shop around if you have to pay for your drugs and medications to allow you to get the very best deal.

  4. Where is the best place to store Baclofen?

    You should always store any type of medication including Baclofen in a safe dry place, you must always ensure that it is completely out of the reach of children, and when storing your supply of Baclofen make sure that the packaging and all literature that has been supplied with this drug is kept in the same place, as that will allow you to quickly locate it should you need to refer to it at any time in the future.

  5. Can I overdose when taking Baclofen?

    There is the possibility of overdosing when taking any type of drugs or medication and it is therefore very important that if you have been prescribed Baclofen you follow the correct dosage, if at any time you suspect you may have taken an overdose then seek medical attention urgently, taking any remaining supply of your Baclofen with you to the hospital.

  6. What shall I do if I miss a dose?

    You should always have a system in place whereby you are alerted to the fact that you should take your prescribed dose of Lioresal, if for any reason you miss a scheduled dose then take the next dose as soon as you can and continue your scheduled regime from that moment in time onwards, never be tempted to take a double dose of this drug as that can and may lead to you having an overdose which can have serious consequences.

  7. Will I have to take Baclofen forever?

    The only person who is going to be best laced to let you know just how long you are going to have to take Baclofen for is your Doctor, it will be unlikely that you are going to be prescribed this drug for the rest of your life, but when consulting with your Doctor do be prepared to ask just how long you will be expected to take it for as the amount of time will of course vary from person to person.

  8. What happens if the side effects I experience are serious?

    There are several alternatives to both Lioresal and Baclofen, and as such if you start to experience any of the more serious side effects then your Doctor will ask you to stop taking this medication and he or she will be able to prescribe one of the alternative treatments.

  9. How soon will I be prescribed Baclofen?

    It will up to your Doctor as to how long from seeing him or her that he will prescribe Baclofen, in most cases he or she will be able to make a very quick diagnosis of your current medical condition so do not be too surprised if you are prescribed this drug on the spot, and if so the sooner you start taking it the sooner the benefits of taking Baclofen will kick in!