FeldenePiroxicam and Feldene are identical drugs and are both non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which can be successfully used to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Arthritis is a common condition that affects people of all ages and without pain relief it can be a long term condition that can cause great distress.

As there are a range of different types and categories of arthritis, should you be suffering from the symptoms then it may be advisable for you to seek the opinion of your Doctor as to the possibility of him or her prescribing you Feldene or Piroxicam.

In this review of these two drugs we will answer a range of commonly asked questions and will also enlighten you on some of the many side effects that you may experience when taking them.

How to Purchase Feldene and Piroxicam

The quickest and possibly the easiest way to be prescribed Feldene or Piroxicam is to see your Doctor, who should be able to prescribe you the correct dose once having checked you out and having given you a medical examination.

You are also able to purchase these two drugs online, as there are a great number of websites selling them both. However, when buying any form of medication online always make your own checks that the site you are buying drugs from is an approved stockist and supplier of those drugs as there have been several reports of unapproved and unlicensed websites supplying fake copies of these two drugs.

Side Effects of Feldene

You may experience a range of common or not so common side effects when taking these drugs and several of these side effects include but are not limited to diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, loss of appetite, excess gas in the stomach and intestines, skin reactions, abnormal reaction of the skin to light, ulceration of the stomach or intestines, bleeding from the stomach or intestines, retention of water in the body tissues, dizziness, headache, sleepiness, difficulty sleeping, depression, confusion, balance disorders, ringing or other noise in the ears and blurred vision.

Should you find that you are experiencing any of the above or other side effects and they are causing you concern then please seek medical advice, and let the medical professional know that you have taken Feldene or Piroxicam.

Feldene Questions and Answers

We shall now present to you several frequently asked questions by people who are thinking of taking Feldene or Piroxicam, below each of these questions you will find the answers you are looking for, if you do have any other questions or wish to know whether these two drugs are going to be beneficial to you in treating the arthritis then please do have a chat with your Doctor for if these two drugs are not ideal for you then he or she will be able to advise an alternative course of medication that will be more suitable to you.

  1. Will Feldene get rid of the pain caused by Golfers elbow?

    One condition that is known as Golfers elbow can be a very painful condition, and if you are currently in great pain from this condition then help is at hand as Piroxicam can and is a very useful treatment for this condition and can help relieve the pain caused by it rapidly. The amount you will have to take of this drug will be determined by the size and chemical make up of the drug and as such you are best advised to always read the literature that comes with it.

  2. Golfers Elbow

  3. How can I ease the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    One of the many aspects of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis is that there can and will be a great deal of pain associated with this medical condition, and whilst the amount of pain you may experience can and will vary from person to person, anyone who is suffering from this often lifelong condition will be looking for a long term pain relief, and Feldene can help you get a great deal of pain relief from Rheumatoid arthritis, so do consider taking it with your Doctors approval.

  4. Is there a Sugar Free version?

    You will find that there are sugar free versions of both Piroxicam and Feldene, and as such if you require this version of these two medications then they are readily available, however if you are purchasing these drugs online then you will have to ensure that when going through the ordering process you ensure that you have indeed ordered the sugar free versions, be aware that not all stockists keep a supply of the sugar free alternative and that may result in a short delay in your order being processed, o if it always best to check first to save any waiting periods.

  5. How quickly does Feldene take to work?

    The amount of time that it can take from you starting to take Feldene until it begins to have the desired effect can vary form person to person, however do be aware that it can often take a few initial doses for this drug to take effect. Do not therefore think that you can speed the process along by taking too large a dosage, and there is a chance of overdosing if you do not take the correct dose at the specified time.

  6. How long will I have to take Feldene for?

    The amount of time that you will have to take Feldene for will be determined by the Doctor prescribing you this drug. It is not unusual for a Doctor to prescribe four weeks’ worth of this drug and he or she will then call you back to the surgery to give you another check up and to discuss whether it is having the desired effect and he or she will then decide whether giving you another prescription is going to be the best course of action in regards to treating your pain or other related condition.

  7. Pregnancy and Feldene

    Taking Feldene when you are pregnant, trying for a baby, or breast-feeding may not be suitable as there are a range of side effects of this drug that may cause a reaction. With this in mind if you are pregnant or are thinking of getting pregnant or are breast feeding a baby then you should ensure your Doctor is aware of these facts. He or she will then be able to take that into account, and may prescribe an alternative course of treatment that will be more suitable to you, as there are many alternatives that are readily available are on offer.

  8. Dosage of Feldene and Interactions

    Feldene should only be taken as prescribed by your Doctor, and whilst there are many different pill sizes and doses of this drug you need to ensure that you are all times taking the prescribed dose as the right time, as there may be a risk of overdoing on this product.

    When taking Feldene there is also a risk that it may interact with other medications and drugs you are taking, and this is why your should alert and make aware any medical expert or your Doctor of all other drugs you are taking.

  9. Is Feldene an Addictive Drug?

    Feldene can be an addictive drug for some people, and this is why your Doctor should be ensuring that they regularly check up on you regarding the use of this drug when he or she has prescribed it to you. This drug can be taken for both short and long periods of time, however always make sure you are regularly being monitored by your medical expert or your own Doctor or one familiar with your condition.

    If you have any problems or are worried about the addictive nature of Feldene then please discuss this with your Doctor as there may be other more suitable drugs and medications that he can prescribe instead of this one which will have the same desired effect.

  10. Will I get tired or drowsy when using Feldene?

    Feldene can and may make you drowsy when you are taking it, whilst everyone will react differently when taking it as there is a chance of you becoming tired or getting a feeling of drowsiness you should be aware of this fact and not drive or operate machinery whilst taking it. You can of course discuss this with your Doctor who will advise you of the best course of action if you are getting tired or sleepy when taking it.

  11. What are the chances of me being allergic to Feldene?

    There could be a very small chance that you will get an allergic reaction when you are taking Feldene, and as such at the first signs of any type of allergic reaction you should seek urgent medical attention, and also let the medical staff know that you have taken this drug so as they will know what antidote or medical treatment to give, whilst rare you may, if you do take this drug suffer from an allergic reaction.