AdderallAdderall, a drug that comprises amphetamine, acts as a psycho stimulant and is taken by those with narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Adderall comprises 4 amphetamines—racemic amphetamine sulphate, racemic amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, dextroamphetamine sulphate, and dextroamphetamine saccharide.

It is available as instant release (IR) medication and extended release (XR) medication.

While the IR variant is used in the treatment of narcolepsy and ADHD, the XR variant is used only in case of ADHD.

Purchasing Information

Adderall laws in several countries, including the US, are very strict, and consumers cannot purchase it either offline or online without a prescription. Although Adderall is available at online pharmacies without prescriptions, consumers should exercise caution before purchasing it because a number of unscrupulous, unlicensed online pharmacies attempt to sell Adderall that contains harmful substances at cheap rates. Consumers should think twice before purchasing cheap Adderall without prescriptions at online stores. Before purchasing Adderall, consumers should get their doctor’s opinion and make sure that the pharmacy is operating with a valid license.

How Should Adderall Be Taken

Adderall should be taken exactly as per doctors’ prescriptions. If consumers try to take it on their own, they could be asking for trouble as taking Adderall is not without its dangers and side effects. Qualified healthcare professionals thoroughly study patients’ medical histories and individual health conditions before prescribing Adderall as dosage can vary as per individual health conditions.

Patients should avoid taking Adderall at night because it can lead to insomnia. If the doctor has prescribed XR Adderall medication for patients, they should swallow the tablet whole and avoid crushing or breaking it. XR tablets are designed in such a way that the medication is slowly released into the patient’s blood stream. Breaking them could lead to release of the entire dose into the system all at once.

Patients who are on Adderall need to go for medical checkup regular and the doctor has to keep track of their progress.

Patients who are taking Adderall must store their medication in a cool, dry place, far way from pets and children. They should also keep track of the amount of Adderall they take because Adderall is an addictive drug.

Adderall Side Effects

ADHD Side effectsSigns of allergy to Adderall are difficulty in breathing, hives, and swollen throat, lips, face, and tongue. If you observe any of these signs in you, stop taking Adderall and get emergency medical care right away.

Adderall has some serious side effects such as:

  • Irregular heart beat patterns
  • Burning or pain during urination
  • Extreme emotions
  • Tremors and hallucinations
  • Strange behavior patterns
  • Muscle twitches
  • High blood pressure
  • Blurred vision
  • Irritability, agitation, and restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation, nausea, and diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Loss of hair and appetite
  • Impotence

Adderall might have many other side effects not mentioned in this article. If patients experience any of these side effects, they should immediately contact their healthcare professional.

Before Taking Adderall

Before taking Adderall, patients must make sure that they have not taken drugs such as Furoxone, Marplan, Azilect, Nardil, Parnate, Eldepryl and others during the last fortnight. These drugs can interact with Adderall and lead to unpleasant results.

Patients should avoid taking Adderall if they have a known allergy to dextroamphetamine or amphetamine or if they suffering from medical disorders such as cardiac diseases, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, glaucoma, hyperactive thyroid, anxiety, and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Before taking Adderall, patients must reveal their entire medical history to their doctors. Inform your doctor if you have hypertension, heart defects, or epilepsy, if you have recently recovered from a heart attack, if you have a family or personal history of bipolar illness, mental illness, or depression, and if you have Tourette’s syndrome or motor tics.

The effects of Adderall on the fetus have not yet been studied; however, the babies of women who take Adderall when they are pregnant could be born prematurely with withdrawal symptoms and low birth weight. Moreover, lactating mothers should avoid breast feeding their babies because dextroamphetmine and amphetamine can get into breast milk.


Adderall overdose can lead to a number of dangerous side effects such as those listed in the side effects section. Patients who have taken an overdose by mistake must immediately take medical assistance or call the nearest Poison Control Center.

Missed Dose

Patients can take a missed dose as soon as they remember; however, they should avoid taking two doses at the same time. If you have missed a dose and it is almost time for the next dose, you can forget about the missed dose and take the next one. Don’t take this drug late in the evening as it could lead to sleeplessness.

Adderall FAQ

  1. Is prolonged use of Adderall dangerous?

    Adderall is an addictive drug, so prolonged use of it can lead to unpleasant conditions such as irritability, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and weight gain. If taken for too long a time, it could lead to amphetamine psychosis.

    Prolonged Adderall use in case of children can stunt their growth, and caregivers must inform the doctor if they feel that their children are not gaining weight or growing properly.

  2. How does Adderall work?

    Adderall comprises dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, both of which stimulate the central nervous system (CNS). Intake of Adderall leads to behavioral changes, helping people concentrate better and sleep well.

  3. What precautions should be taken while taking Adderall?

    People who are on Adderall must avoid activities that require a sharp mind such as driving as the drug can have an effect on thought and reaction processes. As mentioned before, Adderall must not be taken at bed-time as it can cause insomnia. Adderall must not be taken with Vitamin C tablets or fruit juices as both these substances can reduce its efficacy.

  4. What drugs interact with Adderall?

    Drugs such as blood pressure pills, heart pills, diuretics, cold medication, antihistamines, ascorbic acid, K-Phos, ammonium chloride, antacids, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, and others interact with Adderall and lead to undesired effects, owing to which these drugs must never be taken with Adderall. Patients should give their doctors a complete list of medication they are taking at present before beginning to take Adderall. Certain Vitamin pills, herbal products, and over-the-counter products can also interact with Adderall.

  5. Is it safe to use Adderall?

    Patients should use Adderall at their own risk because some of its side effects are terrible. If a patient is already suffering from mental illness, Adderall can make it worse than ever. Adderall use in children can lead to stunted growth, owing to which children who are on Adderall must have their growth pattern checked on a regular basis. Adderall also causes a condition called Tourette’s syndrome, characterized by tics.