ActonelThere are a number of drugs that can be quite successful in treating medical conditions such as Osteoporosis and Actonel which also goes by the name of Risedronic Acid is one such drug. Osteoporosis can be a very painful and progressive bone disease and one that anyone suffering from it will suffer from a decrease in bone mass and density and that will then mean they are at a much great risk of suffering from one or more bone fractures.

As this medical condition can be a very serious one, and one that will need constant monitoring and treatment, below you will find an overview and a full informative review of Actonel which should enlighten anyone who has been prescribed, or is considering using this drug to get a much clearer understanding of how it works.

Should you require any additional information on the benefits of taking Actonel or have any worries that you may be showing any of the symptoms of this medical condition then it would be advisable for you to seek the advice of your Doctor or a Consultant who specialises in Osteoporosis.

How to Purchase Actonel and Risedronic Acid

If you have been prescribed either Actonel or Risedronic Acid then you will find that there are quite a number of places, both online and locally where you are able to buy your supply from. If you have been prescribed wither of these two drugs over the long term then it will often be very cost effective for you to purchase your supplies in bulk form one of the many online retailers.

Online Pharmacists have much lower overheads than land based pharmacists, and as such a larger amount of those savings can be passed on to customers. However, do be aware that before you purchase any drugs or medications online you need to be 100% confident that the website you are purchasing them from is an approved and licensed stockist.

Do not simply be swayed in regards to which website your purchase Actonel or Risedronic Acid from based solely on low prices, as you may end up purchasing a counterfeit supply of them if you do. When and only when you are happy that the site supplying you either of these two drugs is an approved and licensed site should you then make your purchase.

By buying both Actonel and Risedronic Acid in bulk you will also often be able to benefit from free delivery, which will reduce your outlay even more. Should you benefit from free prescriptions then you may find it more convenient to get your supplies form a local pharmacy as you will not be seeking a lower financial outlay obviously.

Side Effects of Actonel and Risedronic Acid

When taking Actonel or Risedronic Acid there will always be a risk that you may experience one of the documented side effects of taking these two drugs, and as such we shall now enlighten you on some of the most common and more rare side effects, these can include chest pain, difficulty or pain when swallowing, pain or burning under the ribs or in the back, new or worsening heartburn, severe or ongoing indigestion, severe joint, bone, or muscle pain, new or unusual pain in your thigh or hip, jaw pain, numbness, or swelling.

Some of the other side effects that you may experience which are usually less severe that those listed above can include, mild stomach pain or upset stomach, flu symptoms, muscle pain, diarrhoea, constipation, mild joint or back pain and headaches.

Actonel and Risedronic Acid Questions and Answers

As anyone who has been prescribed either Actonel or Risedronic Acid may have a wide range of different questions that they are looking for the answers to, below are a range of the most commonly asked questions surrounding these two drugs that you may find helpful and informative.

Please do have a good look through these questions and answers, and if you are looking for additional information then it would be advisable for you to consult with your Doctor who is going to be the one person best placed to discuss the benefits taking either of these two drugs will have on your Osteoporosis based on your current health and any additional medical conditions or disorders that you are suffering from.

  1. What is the Difference between Actonel and Risedronic Acid?

    There is no difference what so ever in the chemical make up of Actonel and Risedronic Acid, one is simply the brand name of the drug and the other is its more commonly known generic name. Both drugs when either of them has been prescribed to you will have the same affect. You may notice the price on one is cheaper than the other however, and this is due to the generic version being less expensive to buy than the brand named version.

  2. Is there a slow release version of Actonel?

    You may be prescribed a slow release version of Actonel, and this variant has been designed to slowly release into your body. Be aware that the effects of taking it will ultimately be the same, however some people suffering from this disorder, based on some current medical problems they may be suffering from will be prescribed the slow release version of the drug by their Doctor. There is not usually any difference in the price of the slow release version of Actonel, in case you were wondering.

  3. What dosage will I be prescribed?

    As both Actonel and Risedronic Acid are available in different sized pills you will only be able to know just what dosage you are going to have to take once you have seen and been examined by a Doctor or consultant who specialises in this condition. Once diagnosed as suffering from Osteoporosis you will then be prescribed the dosage required to manage this condition.

  4. Is Osteoporosis a long term condition?

    Unfortunately Osteoporosis is one of those medical conditions that are a long term medical condition and one that will always need monitoring and treating. Do not be too downhearted however, for with the right medication it can be something of an easy condition to manage, and if you are in anyway distressed or worried about anything aspect of Osteoporosis then do seek a medical opinion and express your concerns with that medical expert who should be able to help you get a clearer understanding of how to live with the effects of Osteoporosis.

  5. Are there any Osteoporosis support groups available?

    One thing to keep in mind if you have been diagnosed as suffering from Osteoporosis is that you are not alone. There are in many different towns and cities support groups who offer lots of practical advice for living with and managing this condition on a day to day basis. You will also find a great deal of information available on the websites of those support groups should you not be able to visit them in person.

  6. What should I do if I miss a dose of Actonel?

    It is always very important when prescribed any drugs of medication that you stick to and adhere to the prescribed dose and always take it at the correct time. Should you miss a dose then you should take that does as soon as you can but never take a double dose. If in any doubts then please seek medical advice as you do not and will not want to run the risk of overdosing when taking either Actonel or Risedronic Acid.

  7. Where should I store my supply of Risedronic Acid?

    As with any medication that you have been prescribed you should store you supply of Actonel or Risedronic Acid in a safe, secure and dry location. It should always be kept out of the reach of children’s and also keep all of the literature and packaging together in the same place, in case you or anyone else needs to refer to that literature at any time.

  8. Can other drugs interact with Risedronic Acid?

    As with any drugs and medications there is always going to be the risk that when taking Risedronic Acid any other drugs you are taking may interact with it, and as such you should always ensure that your Doctor or the medical exert your are consulting with is fully made aware of any other drugs that you may be currently taking.

  9. Is Actonel very expensive?

    You will not find Actonel an overly expensive drug however as with all medication if you shop around and you are prepared to buy it in bulk from an approved stockist then you can often make greater savings than you would when buying smaller supplies. It is always very important that you stick to your recommended and prescribed dose and always make sure the place you are purchasing it from is an approved and licensed stockist. If you are in any doubts then do not purchase any amount of this product from an online site selling it and opt to purchase it from a local pharmacist.